Tuesday, 12 January 2010

beat #2

Headed for us was the sky:
Its black arch caved furiously,
and fell like a pelican.
The cold of river - beast beat out from some
illustrated book of Greek myths -
Was galloping through the hair on the backs of our necks.

Your eyes were red and pained as lamplight,
We were alone,
And for so long I hadn’t held anybody
. slowly
, I felt the beginning of a cry
Your shoulder caved
And my back arched furiously.

The past appeared for a single moment,
And it was yes and careless as a going wheelbarrow,
Now that the future shook her head
Solemnly as a cello-bow,

The similes of the world were naked and impossible
Like a lost eyelash batting in the wind,

Until the halt, the time for explanation,
For all this language and music, there has to be…
Fuck it -
beat and beat -
and undiminished starlight, and fortune,
and each new heat between our brief breathing,
each furiously, then never more my love.

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