Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wall to Wall

Is that photograph of our laughter,
somewhere in My Documents,
still our photograph, our laughter?
Now it’s been clicked, dragged and dropped,
tagged and colonized by zealous friends,
hardly friends?

And are we losing our clandestine glow,
Stalking like desperate paparazzi,
Stalked like careless celebrities,
Now that the fakery of a camera
Forces out each smile and dance?

There’s honesty in some
but unseen
Movies, unread Books,
Quotes in others.
Great minds are bending in their graves.

Can this ‘watching and watched’ prove comforting?
In wasted hours of commerce and lust,
you wait for exes and potential exes
to flood your home-pages,
To confirm the bones of your struggle.

Our glorifying web will know dead wax
the way those white wings of Icarus did,
so too the Sun will scorch this masquerade,
mythologize us quietly in plans
of carbon, bone-marrow, satire.

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