Monday, 8 March 2010

Nobody and Polyphemus

Where wine played an important role,
I tricked and tortured a clumsy monster,
Escaped beneath his shepherdless sheep,
One ear pressed against an ancient animal's hearbeat.

Where these ideas pulse and beg,
A needle is pricking a goosebump,
And I hear my calling from a tall stage
In the emptiest stadium.

Where whirlwinds unite down-glaringly,
Why can't the surviving hero be me?
Where Penelope slept,
I bend out and yawn, resembling an awesome rainbow.

Where the ego is burdensome,
I've wept at living this derivative life.
Where I can accept I,
I am busy really loving you and I.

I write my love as nobody,
Lacing luminous hopes through loneliness,

The way a chained moon will shine.

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