Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Good Fight

For the peerless Christopher Hitchens,
On hearing the news of his illness.


- how glad I am for its big boat
I am under -

Is why starlight is language-lust,
A majesty effused by science, not me.

I fight to accept there are times
(soon, all time)
When both breath and thought concede arms.
Yet with no eternity,
No thought crime, then hope is thine.

Honest people die and are remembered for a while.
For forgettable, brilliant years,
The real world is half-mine
Since I have come here from stardust.

Where is there more truth?
Love matters if it is really matter,
Heat and gland and the word, anew,

When our bodies burst into gift,
When the surviving-fittest bloom.

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